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Sponsored Stories

Are you  launching a product or services in Nigeria or you want more exposure for a great, but under-performing product? You can now send your articles, press releases and special feature stories to Orijostyle for publication.
Price: N10, 000

Product Reviews

Do you have a great product or service that no one seems to be noticing in the marketplace or are you planning to launch a new product in the Nigerian market, you can now send it to us for review. Let us tell Nigerians how good or bad your product really is.
Price: N15, 000

Social media messages

Have your message or communications posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ fan pages. The message could include a link to your website or to your Facebook fan page. We will only publish messages that will be interesting to our fan base.
Facebook Price: N2, 500 Twitter Price: N1, 000 All-in-One Price: N3, 000 (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
Social Media Packs:
3 Updates* Package 7,500 Naira (Valid for 7 days),
7 Updates* Package 12,000 Naira (Valid for 14 days)
12 Updates* Package 15,000 Naira (Valid for 30 days)
* 1 update consists of a post each on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Sidebar Ad Slot (Left or Right Side)

This Ad unit appears on the sidebar of all pages on Orijostyle including front page and archive pages. Your Ad will get at least 200,000 page views daily on this slot
150 x 150px Ad Slot Prices: N7,000 (1 month)
300 x 250px Ad Slot Prices: N20,000 (1 month)

Special Discount: 3 Months (Get 5%), 6 Months (Get 10%), 12 Months (Get 1 month free)

Bottom content Ads

This Ad unit appears on the bottom of content pages, immediately below the post content. It will not show on the homepage or the label and archive pages.

150 x 150px Ad Slot Prices: N10, 000 (1 month)
300 x 250px Ad Slot Prices: N27,000 (1 month)
Discount: 3 Months (5%), 6 Months (10%), 12 Months (1 month free)

Top content Ads Leaderboard (600px x 180)

These ads appear on top of our blog just after our logo. Appears on all pages and post.

Price: N65, 000 (1 month)

Discount: 10% (3 months ads ) 20% (5 months ads)

BACKGROUNDS TAKE OVER – N150, 000 – 3 weeks

Let your advert take over the background of orijostyle. Get increase traffic to your business with this option.

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