Naira To Dollar Exchange Rate From 1972-2017 Will Amaze You

Naira To Dollar Exchange Rate From 1972-2017 Will Amaze You

Not so long ago the Nigerian Naira was a very strong currency, so strong that in the 70’s and 80’s and to be specific as at 1979/1980 fifty five kobo (55k) could fetch you about one dollar ($1).

Ever since the exploitation and discovery of crude oil in Nigeria, the major source of foreign currency (Forex) in Nigeria shifted from agriculture to crude oil hence the foreign reserves was deeply affected with the discovery of shale oil process of extracting oil, the crude oil price dropped significantly hence depleting the foreign reserves.

The love for western made products also played a significant role in fall of the Naira currency as most products were imported into Nigeria which required Dollars to purchase hence making the demand for the Dollar a scarce commodity. Importation was so bad that Nigeria which was one of the highest exporters of agricultural products became an importer to products such as rice, garri, cocoa and much more.

Older generations would be able to relate to the good times better when the Naira was as strong as the Dollar but for the newer generation seeking the history of the Naira against the dollar this article should help you with that.


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