Man Caught With His Neighbour’s Wife In Delta Hotel Disgraced, Stripped

A video footage which has gone viral online shows how a married man was stripped unclad and totally disgraced after he was caught in a hotel with his neighbour’s wife in Delta state. The husband of the woman in question and his ‘goons’ stormed the hotel room to catch the man ‘in the act’. They resorted to humiliating the man as they forced him to remove his clothes and pose for the camera.

The married man revealed that it was the woman (his neigbour’s wife) who invited him to the hotel as he begged for mercy. The pleas fell on deaf ears – with his ‘captors’ beating him and also forcing him to call his sister to tell her what happened.

Some online users have been left enraged by this as the woman who was nabbed with the married man was nowhere to be found in the video. Only the man was disgraced despite two people being involved in the act…


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