Why Nigerian Doctors And Nurses Are Massively Relocating Abroad

This should sound as concern to the Nigerian Government and ministry of health. Few weeks ago I read on the news that Nigeria medical industry is short staffed, and there is a need for more doctors and nurses.

But the shame is that, in as much we are in need of more doctors and nurses in Nigeria, many of the few we have some of them are massively relocating to foreign countries to work. Does it mean that Nigeria trains doctors and nurses for other countries to make use of? I don’t really blame them. My sister is a nurse, so many of her nurse and doctor friends have moved abroad in search of greener pastures. And guess what, they are in high demand abroad. Our Nigerian Doctors and nurses are good.

My sister said they don’t value them here, there services are not really appreciated and there are no proper medical infrastructure. The pay in most of the foreign countries are much higher than in Nigeria.

Imagine some doctors being paid N250,000 with over work. But when their friends move to another country and begin to earn close to $20,000 to $30,000 or even more per month. Just convert it to Naira. He will tell his fellow doctor friends in Nigeria. Then the ones in Nigeria will feel they are losing out. Due to the high demand of doctors and nurses oversees, the other doctors in Nigeria will equally fight their way to go abroad, leaving us with fewer doctors.

Few weeks ago, a hospital in California offered about $20,000 to my sister’s friend who is a nurse. This one na monthly pay oo. And how much is she earning here? Just N150,000. The lady will soon finally move, others have left.

Nigerian Government should do something fast. We need massive restructuring of our health sector, from infrastructure to wages so Nigerians will have a better health care system. So our doctors and nurses won’t be relocating abroad.

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